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2 simultaneous 3d Object Recognition trigger issues

April 20, 2018 - 10:09am #1

The main question I have is, is there a step by set process for single scene 2 object recognition that is not image based but 3d Object based?   I have gone over all the documentation available in the developer portal as well as a few hard to find videos for single tracking.  Still having issues, below is the process I used to develop the foundation of the application;

- [ ] Unity 2017.3.1f1 (64bit) with Vuforia

- [ ] created a new project, activated within the build settings, android, as well as Vuforia under XR settings, in addition android TV has been deactivated

- [ ] Within the scene an AR camera (Vuforia) has been created and my developer license has been added under the configuration tab

    - [ ] Camera Device mode is default

    - [ ] Max tracked objects is set to 2

    - [ ] Databases have been loaded and activated.  In this case there is a single database with two OT triggers

    - [ ] All other settings are set and left at default

- [ ] first ObectTarget has been created using the Vuforia 3DScan selection.

    - [ ] Scale ratio is set to 1

    - [ ] Database has been selected

    - [ ] Object target has been selected

    - [ ] Under advance settings, extended tracking has been set

- [ ] For simplicity reasons since I have not been able to get the triggers to load the animations I have swapped out the animations for a single cube for ObjectTracker A and a single sphere for ObjectTracker B.  Screen shot 1A shows how this is set up. 

    - [ ] Scale of cube object is set to .5, .5, .5

    - [ ] Position is set to 0,1,0

    - [ ] Cube is a child of the ObjectTragetA

    - [ ] Scale of sphere object is set to .5, .5, .5

    - [ ] Position is set to 0,1,0

    - [ ] Sphere is a child of the ObjectTargetB

- [ ] Second ObjectTarget has been created using the Vuforia 3DScan selection.  All setting are the same however the second object target has been selected.

- [ ] There is a single directional light placed into the scene.

When I run the build I receive no errors and the build is stated as a success.  So I am a little at a loss on this one.

**One big note is that I have had success with targeting a single animation and having it appear and play the animation on the target.  I have found that once the single target is functioning, after a few updates to scale and positioning, the target no longer triggers the animation.  The weird thing is that with this simplified version I have had not success getting the simple geometry to trigger.  I figured that it could be a possibility that the toys are a little too small and simplistic but they both have distinct graphics on them and they both independently have triggered their animations during the initial build of the application. 

If it is of interest, I have added a screen shot of the Maya model and animation with Face and polycounts.  The overall file size of the exported animation is no more than 10mg and in some counts less than 5.  I have imported FBX files, I am also wondering if DAE files would be better. 

Thank you for the help.

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