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Advanced Object Tracking

May 19, 2016 - 11:03pm #1

Hi guys

I work extensively on Vuforia for all my research in Augmented Reality, and I have a particular query. In the object tracking API, if I wanted to track individual entities of an object by itself (for e.g. if we take the case of an automobile - the possibility of separately tracking the bonnet, the boot space, the left/right doors, each of the wheels), and then collaborate all of this data into an application. It is possible I think if separate databases are created for each entity. Are there any solutions to achieve this in a single target database, that will be added as a feature in future releases of the SDK? Also the marker provided in the A4-ObjectScanningTarget.pdf, what is the maximum size that  this marker can go up to for accurate object tracking? Is it restricted to A3 or can it go bigger (A2, A1)? Can we use this API to track objects that are real life sized (actual automobiles, home appliances, machinery etc.)?  

Look forward to hearing from you.



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