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Building Recognition

January 14, 2017 - 8:03am #1

Hi there,


I have seen a handful of interesting threads regarding building recognition, but still not sure how to proceed. Trying not to experiment and use too much time with various methods of creating easily-trackable targets. 

1. Has anyone had success using 3D printed, properly scaled representations of buildings, and scanned the 3D printed model to create trackable targets? 

2. Has anyone had success using a distinct feature of the building (i.e the front door, or a sign, or window, etc.), using extended tracking?


Of what I have read, these seem to be two interesting avenues to try. If anyone has any other suggestions, or has successfully created a smoothly functioning mobile application using a particular method of object recognition for buildings, please let me know! I need the app to identify 3 and sometimes 4 sides of buildings, and display information on them. Aside from object recognition, everything else is fairly solid as of now.


Any help is appreciated!




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