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Image Target read from not a camera

July 14, 2021 - 10:49am #1


First of all, I think it is better to start with my goal project. I plan to create an AR scene from the camera of a Robot, controlled by ROS, where the robot's camera has to read a QR (image target) and where a 3D object will appear. Until now, I have integrated ROS# as the nexus between the ROS (established on a Linux PC) and the Unity Scene (on a Windows PC). Right now, I get a satisfactory integration of the ROS camera into a Panel (Gameobject). My problem is reading the image target from this Panel (or "camera") as the Vuforia Behavo¡iour is integrated into the AR Camera.

The images sent by the ROS PC and the ones integrated into the Panel object are JPEG. Is there a way of using Image Target from this set of images instead of a camera of the Unity PC (webcam or USB Webcam)?.

Thank you for your attention.

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