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Improve initial Recognition

April 21, 2015 - 2:53am #1

Hi guys,

I use Unity3D in combination with Vuforia 4.0.103.

I search for a way to improve the recognition process for my objects.

I have the impression, that the recognition of objects highly depends on the surrounding. By surrounding I don't talk about light conditions, but about objects, that are placed next or behind my tracking-object. If I put my object in front of a (bright) plain-colored background the tracking works good. But as soon as I place my tracking-object e.g. at my desk, where other stuff surrounds it, the tracking doesn't even start.

I guess the features at my tracking-object are to weak, so that they get suppressed by the features of the surrounding. The tracking-algorithm does not recognize my object.

Does anybody have an idea how to improve the recognition process?

I can't change the object itself.

I thought about 'cutting' the FOV of the device camera. So the tracking-algorithm only investigates the center of the camera-image, where my object is located. Is there a possibility to tell the tracking-algorithm to focus at a specified image area.

Thanks for any suggestions and hints!

Improve initial Recognition

April 28, 2015 - 12:42am #2

Thank you for the explanation. That is what I already suggested but it is helpful if some else confirms the assumptions. Unfortunately I am not able to add more features to the figures. I would ask you to leave this thread open, if I am able to find a solution for my problem, I can post it here.

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