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Object Rec - Android .OD to iOS - Frame Detection

November 10, 2015 - 7:24am #1

I have a few questions and don't seem to be finding what I need. 


2 main questions

1) Does Vuforia support frame detection without markers (only elements from a scanned in object)

2) If #1 is possible, how to go about scanning in the object and its subelements for framing.  


I am needing to scan in an object, (rectangular prism based shape) and be able to frame out sub elements on it. Labels, indicator lights, etc. (this is a device application). 

I am aware the Object Scanner Sample application isn't available for iOS and is only Android. So I've been able to scan in the object via the Android Sample application but only seem to get the green marker object at the 0, 0 position to present itself. Not sure if this is capturing the demensions of the actual object itself.


Any help would be appreciated.  

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