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Recognize hands

September 5, 2017 - 10:23pm #1

Hello folks, 

i was playing aroung with vuforia in unity a little and wanted to place a simple object on my hands.

I quickly figured out, that it is a bit of a pain to get vuforia to recognize your hand. Is there any way to do this easily?

I do not need any motion tracking or segmentation or something like this.


I was looking through this forum and people kept on saying you need depth sensors and what not to achieve hand recognition. That made me wonder because on Android there are tons of apps that implement face or hand recognition and stuff like this without any additional hardware. 

So, my question is, is there any way to achieve recognition of hands (and maybe other bodyparts like a torso or arms) with vuforia? And if not, does someone know how to achieve this without any other hardware than a smartphone?


Thanks in advance, 


Recognize hands

February 8, 2018 - 2:25am #2

Hi Bob,

I'm also interested in implementing hand recognition and hand tracking. Please share with us if you got some information now ;)


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