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Recognizing a credit card

October 24, 2016 - 12:07am #1

Hello everyone,

So I was just invited to an event and had to develope an idea for it and this is how I ran into vuforia.

I do have a question for anyone willing to anwser it (if there is already an anwser somewhere on this forum and I missed it please point me there, thnaks)

I would like to know if a credit card can be the surface that is used for AR. Now I know there is some sensitive information on the credit card, but here me out please.

The thing I want to know is, if the picture that is on the credit card is enough to be used as an object of recognition. Would the acount holder name and the account number interfeere with the detection? It is usualy in very thin letters, that is why I am asking. 

The account number and the name are not at all important for me so no OCR is needed or anything, I would just like to know if the object detection would work the same every time on the same card wit different acount number and name.

Or is it not at all possible to use a credit card like this?


Thanks for the info.

Recognizing a credit card

October 25, 2016 - 1:04am #2

Hi greaneagle,

I guess the picture on credit card as an target object should work even though there are numbers and text on it.

To use the credit cards picture as a target you need the raw picture without the numbers and upload it to the target manager.

Then download the database and use it in the Vuforia SDK. If you don't have the raw image just use the actual picture of the credit card.


btw: this sub-forum called "Object Recognition" is for 3D-Objects,which aren't cuboids or cylinders. So you are posting in the wrong forum I guess.

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