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rotating 3D object recognition in a glass cave

January 30, 2017 - 7:44am #1

Dear all,

We are currently working on a quite challenging project.

We have 7 different products (cars, size 1:10) which are displayed in a glass cabinet. All products have the same color and some of them even have similar shape. Also we have - unfortunately - not that much edges but more rounded shapes/curves. The product is standing on a turntable which the user can start/stop via the app.

We currently implemented this with rather huge markers (50cm diameter) because we have not been able to make 3D recognition stable. However the customer is not so happy with this soltuion because the marker is quite prominent.

Are there any ideas how we can solve this? Also - due to the glass - the are a lot of reflections.

Thanks and best regards

rotating 3D object recognition in a glass cave

February 24, 2017 - 3:29am #3



Thanks for your feedback.

I am not pretty sure about VuMarks - the expectation of the customer is currently that we go with a marker-less approach.

Can you give me some more details about VuMarks? How small can they be?


rotating 3D object recognition in a glass cave

February 8, 2017 - 4:33pm #2


Yes, this sounds like a challenging use case for Vuforia's 3D object recognition feature. Based upon your description, I can understand the difficulty in moving away from the marker solution. Due to the limitations you've mentioned, I cannot advise on a solution that utilizes our 3D object recognition feature that will provide a robust tracking solution under those conditions.

My only thought (and it's a long-shot) is that perhaps the customer would be willing to reconsider the marker solution if was customized. Our latest feature, VuMarks, could allow for the customer's brand logo to be utilized as a marker.

Is this a possibility?


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