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Trying to make a large table trackable

June 6, 2016 - 11:30am #1



We have a very large table (10'x15') with an architectural model on it & are trying to make it trackable. 

We've tried various times with the android scanning app and are having serious problems getting it to work - we think mainly because the object is so large.  

We were wondering if there's any means of scanning something larger / or generating our own .od data somehow?  I think for our purposes it would be preferable to instead of having the tracked "sphere" around the object (with the camera always looking into a central point), we could have the photosphere around the camera (because we'll have the cameras are reasonably fixed).  But I'm not sure if that's at all possible with the software as it stands.

We are also trying to do it with some top down photos as the table is reasonably flat, but we're wondering how well we're going to be able to make that work.



Image icon full_model_table.jpg2.05 MB
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