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Vuforia AR recognition Contact data

November 3, 2016 - 8:36pm #1

Hi All,


I'm trying to use Vuforia for actual size vehicle. And I'm stuck now.

1. We scan the data with Galaxy S7 edge.

- We have made the image marker with 1 meter size so it is recognizable.

- The green box comes out fine when scanning.

2. We build the AR data into iPad Pro 12.9"

- Recognition rate falls down drastically. (Even if we build it on Galaxy S7 Edge, the result varies)

- It recognizes well sometimes when we try to capture from side of the vehicle, but it really varies.'

I wonder if there is a problem with camera on the iPad Pro or should I use some other settings on the Vuforia option settings or if there is some sort of plugin or script for it.

- I do acknowledge that scanning hardware and viewing hardware are different, they are different cameras so that could be the reason but same thing happens on the same hardware... So...

- I have scanned million times. I have also tried to put multiple scanned data so it can be recognized better. Yes, it did get better but not good enough.

I hope someone can answer to this question.


using vuforia version 5.5.9

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