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Wallpaper recognition

February 3, 2017 - 8:11am #1



I'm a CS Masters student and I'm developing an Android tour guide app that recreates a room in AR based on how it looked in the 1800s. I'm using Vuforia to insert furniture and paintings with QR codes (for now) but if possible, I also want to render the wallpaper in AR. I've had a couple ideas as to how to implement this:

  1. Use four target images, the wallpaper pattern "starts" at one end and "ends" at the other end. As long as one of the images is on camera, it will render the wall paper. This of course has the downside of the user needing to be at particular places, instead of giving them freewill to roam the room.
  2. Use four target images, and record where the user is using the Gyroscope. If the target image is out of frame, use the gyroscope to figure out where user is. Downside of this is that it's going to be difficult  to implement.
  3. (This one is really really hacky and I would rather remove the wallpaper requirement from my dissertation instead of implementing such a hacky solution) Add wallpaper on to paintings, as like a border. Downside of this is that since it's a patterned wallpaper, it will probably overlap and it will all be very, very messy.

There has been a thread about wallpapers before:


The thread is quite old, so I wanted to know if anyone knows of any tools that I can use, before I try and write my own. I obviously dont want to reinvent the wheel, especially as that's not what my project is about. Also, if anyone has any criticisms as to my ideas, or have a better way of implementing it, I'm all ears! I'm very new to Vuforia and AR in general.

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