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aiming 3d objects

September 3, 2015 - 2:51am #1

hello, succesfully i created a scene (no unity) with multiple objects on my image target. Also my touch on screen to 3doject picking is working.(projectScreenPointToPlane  etc)

I draw an aiming arrow on the center off my screen. Aiming  on the 3Dobjects is working with use off QCAR::Tool::projectPoint and some canculations. So a lot off the code out off the   domino sample   i integrated in my app and work succesfully.

Ik like to shoot an little ball  when aiming on 3D objects. What I did now is that the ball is animated from the lineBegin to lineEnd from the projectScreenPointToPlane function used for picking.. Also i tried other combinations with lineBegin to intersecton or intersection to line end.

Also i used the camera positions in combinations of line start line end  etc.  Ok i see the ball moving but not with the desired result.

The ball must moving from center point screen(aiming arrow) to the hitting 3d Object in an straigth line it doesnt matter from which camera position we aiming on an 3dobject. If my head is rotating left or right or up and down than the position off my nose is relative to my head the always the same.

Ok thats  a metaphor and the question is how i found the 3 d position off my nose.Ik hope my question is clear

I dont  grab the solution please help, thxxx

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