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OpenCV to Vuforia's coordinates

February 9, 2015 - 3:01am #1


First, thanks for the hard work on Vuforia, I had a lot of fun working with it lately!


Yesterday, I wanted to add another tracker to my App. To do so, I used markers and OpenCV's method: "cv::solvePnP".

But it seems, that OpenCV does not return the same kind of matrix as Vuforia. With Vuforia, with the same marker, having aproximately a perpendicular angle between the camera and the marker I get the following matrix:

-0.017389 -0.999035 -0.040332 0.000000
-0.999714 0.016710 0.017124 0.000000
-0.016433 0.040618 -0.999040 0.000000
40.201080 -5.577782 1467.874268 1.000000

While OpenCV gives me the following:

0.999559 -0.003280 -0.029498 0.000000
0.000455 0.995451 -0.095279 0.000000
0.095223 0.000000 0.995013 0.000000
0.043068 -0.982356 4.211450 1.000000


Playing with matrixes is not what I am the best at. So I was wondering if someone could help me to convert my OpenCV matrix to something close to a Vuforia Matrix. If possible, explainations would be great for my personal knowledge. Else I'll just take it as is, for now the important point for me is that it works as I espect it to do.


Best regards.

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