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Question Augmented Reality OpenGL

February 19, 2015 - 10:17pm #1

Dear all,Good afternoon and greetings vuforia

Kindly its support me, I doing develop augmented reality applications using vuforia alphabet recognition and application that I built using OpenGL eclipse tool. I having problems constraints on the results of the scan marker, results of the scan marker incomplete or interrupted writing and rocked samples of writing as shown below. Where in the image is scanned and the results of the scan script form below writing the words "Gede" where the big writing letters e, d and e disconnected. Is there an error in the coding OpenGL or there is an error of this vuforia?


If any of the OpenGL coding please help to find a solution?

Please help to master the know about the obstacles that I have experienced.

Thank you


Image icon Screenshot_2015-01-13-09-10-35.png1.6 MB
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