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Again "Application stopped unexpectedly"

September 26, 2012 - 5:19pm #1

I have seen some guys also in this mad probem, and I managed to ndk-build the shared library( it products the libs folder in specific samples as VirtualButtons & MultipleTargets).


whereas when I run samples in Eclipse,

if load the library successfully, the logcat will show the imformation as the code describes DebugLog.LOGI("Native library lib" + nLibName + ".so loaded");

unfortunately, I just see Level D added shared lib libQCAR.so and the (libVirtualButtons.so & libMultipleTargets.so) dispear. Then the application break down.

I have build the (libVirtualButtons.so & libMultipleTargets.so) in Cygwin,Why can't load them?

eager to receive your reponse.




Again "Application stopped unexpectedly"

October 8, 2012 - 7:38am #2

hi huangzs,

have you checked (with your file explorer) whether  the libraries (.so) are actually existing and located in their respective libs directories after running ndk-build?

for instance, after running ndk-build command,  check that the "libVirtualButtons.so" file actually exists under the directory:




(Note: please use your actual vuforia samples base directory path, not necessarily "C:\Development\Android\vuforia-sdk\")

Then, if the libraries are there, be sure to refresh your project in Eclipse (you can click on your project and press F5 or right-click -> refresh), otherwise there are chances that Eclipse won't see the XXXlib.so files  (even if they are actually on your file system).


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