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Camera focus?

March 7, 2011 - 3:23pm #1

Hi, I've been running some of the samples on my Dell Venue and have noticed the camera image is pretty blurry. It never focuses and I believe it is playing a part in lackluster results with the FrameMarker sample. I printed the pdf provided so I know my scale is correct, and I'm in a very well lit area. I'm not getting any false positives, just having a hard time getting all four to show at once. There is always one or two that give me problems.

I just wanted to know if my problems are normal, or if maybe my camera quality is bad, my camera isn't well supported, etc. I know when in the actual camera app, it auto focuses pretty well. That's why this stands out. It is permanently blurry, and never focuses.

Edit: I just ran Dominoes, and it runs like a beast. It picks up the stones image fast and once some dominoes have been placed, they stick to the real world image perfectly. So this is the sort of performance I was looking for. I now wonder if the fiducial codes are just too simplistic for the sample app to grab as quickly as stones. I've been doing some tests with trackables and have found it can really make a big difference.

Re: Camera focus?

March 7, 2011 - 5:35pm #2

You're absolutely right, image targets track more robustly than frame markers.

The Venue should be performing as expected, you might try playing around with the CameraDevice video mode options if you'd like a higher-quality video background (although this comes at a performance cost).

- Kim

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