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difference DETECTED and TRACKED

October 9, 2011 - 4:54am #1

I have two questions:

1: If I move the camera rapidly, QCAR looses the marker. This is to be expected as the camera image becomes a blur. However, when doing this, for a short time, the 3d content is still being displayed while it really should be removed. How to solve this?

This brings me onto my second question.

2: What is the difference between:

Could it be that the tracker is still being marked as DETECTED but not TRACKED when the camera is moved rapidly and the image is not really tracked anymore?

Or is there a hidden timer inside QCAR which specifies what time after the marker is lost, it should really be marked as lost? How can I set that timer to 0.0 if it exists?

Or is it that not every camera frame is used to detect the marker? That would explain my problem as well.

If it is a "Feature ™" of QCAR, can you please at least give the user control over whether the 3d content should flicker in and out of existence if the marker is lost, or display it for a little while longer. That would be great.

I am using ipad2, Unity3d, and frame markers. Synchronous/asynchronous video, optimize for speed/quality, etc, does not make a difference.

Re: difference DETECTED and TRACKED

October 10, 2011 - 8:24pm #3

Ok, but can I post this as a feature request then?

-Mark a marker as LOST immediately and with zero delay when it is lost from the camera feed. Currently there is a visible delay. This makes the 3d content seem to lock on the screen position when the camera is moved rapidly. This effect is undesirable.

Re: difference DETECTED and TRACKED

October 10, 2011 - 7:53pm #2

Targets are detected only for a moment when they first come into view, then they move to tracked. Markers are always just detected (at least in the current version).

There is no way to make the augmentations disappear faster, but you can make them stick around a little longer after a trackable is no longer tracked. In Unity you can adjust the default TrackableEventHandler script that comes with the samples to start a countdown in OnTrackingLost before hiding the renderers.

- Kim

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