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Eye Tracking

September 20, 2012 - 4:31am #1

Hello everybody !

First thanks for your good AR API, i have discover them since 10 month and i love it.



One project come on me with goal to display a 3D object base on user eyes posiitons (with front camera).

My question is :

QCAR API allow to do that ?

That will be very usefull if he can switch between tracker or eyes positions. 

Else, do you know a solution which can be used with QCAR ?



Thanks in advance.


Eye Tracking - Face Detection

September 24, 2012 - 10:59am #3


But why offer two ways to display AR ?

When i develop a program i dont want install 50000 libs and create link between fonctionalities.

In Vuforia you could add fonctionnality which work on 'QCAR video stream' to detect face en create modelViewMatrix like you do when you detect an image.

Face detection must will generate a virtual vertical plan like we have an image on our front face. 

Seriously, you have all data in Vuforia to generate this modelViewMatrix.

I dont want spend 2 or 3 month to discover how to join Vuforia and FastCV fonctionalities when you can add algorithm to detect face and generate modelViewMatrix from Vuforia video stream. For iOS and Androïd.




Eye Tracking

September 20, 2012 - 8:30am #2

Vuforia provides detection and tracking of flat images, by analyzing the features of the image. It's not suitable for eye tracking. But you should take a look at the FastCV SDK, which provides a range of low level CV capabilties and is optimized for mobile devices - https://developer.qualcomm.com/mobile-development/mobile-technologies/computer-vision-fastcv

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