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fastest achievable frame rate

August 12, 2014 - 2:28am #1

Hi all,

I'm trying to measure the fastest achievable frame rate (rate, with which renderFrame is called) of Vuforia. For this purpose, I took off all irrelevant functions from the sample app "image target", including gesture listener and menu.

In order to exclude the drawing duration, I took out all drawing functions in renderFrame(). Also I disable synchronous mode in backgroundconfig:

VideoBackgroundConfig config = new VideoBackgroundConfig();
Now I get maximally 30fps. This is way lower than I expected. 
Note: I'm using HTC One M7, which has CPU Quad-core 1.7 GHz Krait 300 and VideoFrameRate 1080p@30fps, 720p@60fps
Is this value normal?
What has been executed between each frame?
Thank you very much for your input!
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