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how to create 3D image and use it as texture image with Vuforia

January 28, 2015 - 2:22am #1

Dear All

  Wanted  to create an 3D Image of my own and use it in my application instead of Teapot as in the example code.

Say for example want to display an Toy instead of the tea pot in 3D format, Can any one help in how to get this done.

 Normally I used to add an 2D image in the assets folder and used it as an texture and load it and display it in an Quad mesh

as mentioned in "changing Tea pot " in the web site.

Want to know more info on how to display an 3D image in the Quad .

If I put an 3D image in the assets folder will it work, if so what formats of of 3D images are needed?

Else what the procedure to get this working.

Thanks in adavnce for the help






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