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How to implement UserCalibrator?

June 5, 2015 - 3:26pm #1

Good night everyone.


I've been working with Moverio Epson BT- 200 for some time now and recently with the Vuforia's see through tecnology.

The app I'm working is constantly beeing exposed at public exhibition and I'm getting some bad feed back due to the users geting out of the my app to calibrate the glasses.

Since then I'm looking for implementing a way of making this calibration inside my own app, but i'm getting stuck in Vuforia's API.

I'd like to know the steps to get this calibration, I mean, I know I need to display a shape to fit the target for each eye and etc, but I don't know that I need get from this.

For exemple:

- Initialize UserCalibrator with UserCalibrator.init()

- Get image distance from camera

- Generate Matrix44F.


Sorry it seems I'm lost... But I am. I've been reading the API from https://developer.vuforia.com/resources/api/classes and struggling to get this working, but I can't figure out that's going.


Well, any information will be helpfull,

Thanks for your time, and sorry for my english.

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