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Problem in Dominoes application

November 6, 2012 - 5:01am #1

Hi i am newbie on augmented reality applications . I downloaded your vuforia-sdk-android-1-5-9 sdk ( and ndk, cygwin also and already perform all the settings. ) and already run vuforia ImageTargets sample application but if i try to run Dominoes application after building it and cleaning it , the jni/dominoes.h is showing error that "QCAR::Vec2F could not be resolved" and at many more lines it is showing errors but i already included QCAR.jar. Also jni/dominoes.cpp showing errors.

I want to know is dominoes application need any other sdks to include or need any other resources than imagetargets.

Problem in Dominoes application

November 8, 2012 - 4:35am #4

Hi, there is nothing specific to the Dominoes sample, i.e. it does not require to setup other libraries; if you can build and run ImageTargets, then you should be able to build and run Dominoes as well;

however, it can happen that some cleanup is required, so try the following steps:

- manually delete the /libs and /obj folders from the Dominoes project directory (not in Eclipse, but using your file explorer)

- run  ndk-build  from cygwin console (in the Dominoes directory)

- when ndk-build is done, go to Eclipse, right-click on the Dominoes project and click "Refresh" (or press F5 after selecting the Dominoes project)

- Launch the App and see if it's all right.

If not OK, follow this steps:

- in Eclipse, right-click on Dominoes project, select Properties -> Java Build Path

- open the "Order and Export" tab, and check (tick) all the checkboxes in the list, then  press OK

- refresh again the project

- Run the app. 


Problem in Dominoes application

November 8, 2012 - 2:29am #3

Ok, As you said to set QCAR_SDK_ROOT, i did this but no effect, the error is same as previous. And i already mentioned the error("Type 'QCAR::Vec2F' could not be resolved").   Also please tell me that dominoes application requires any other support sdk or any plugin, or it is working in the same way as ImageProject runs.

Problem in Dominoes application

November 6, 2012 - 6:34am #2

Hi, can you check that you follow this process:

1- from cygwin console (from dominoes dir), launch ndk-build => this should not give errors if you correctly installed cygwin and make according to the instructions on the qualcomm vuforia web site

2- from eclipse, open / refresh Dominoes project, so that Eclipse gets aware of the latest ndk-build output (see .so libs produced in /libs folder)

3 - launch from eclipse

Also, make sure you correctly set the QCAR_SDK_ROOT variable in Eclipse (project - > properties -> Java build path -> libraries, as explained in Dev Guide).

Then, at which step do you get the error? could you type here the exact error message (or one of the error messages, if you have many)




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