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projectScreenPointToPlane in VideoPlayback

December 18, 2015 - 7:59am #1


Have an urgent issue here need help.  Its the old topic actually in Vuforia but I found it still exists and related post in the forum didn't provide answer.

Its is the projectScreenPointToPlane in VideoPlayback doesn't give the accuracy.  Quite often, click outside of tracked image(video screen), the video still plays.

It could be the method doesn't return the center point correctly or there are some coordinator converstion required. 

I have investigated dominoe sample, however it doesn't make much difference, dominoe introduces contentScalingFactor, however the same level of accuracy. 

And I have changed math:projectScreenPointToPlane to set height to width. 

Is there a sample code I can find here that can give accurate pick from screen touch? 


sample projects videoPlayback and dominoe are from 5.0.6. 


Thanks in advance!



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