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QCAR init server down?

February 1, 2012 - 9:16am #1

No device (we got plenty androids) can initialize today, with QCAR network error.

Re: QCAR init server down?

February 3, 2012 - 8:17am #4

Thank you for your response.
Indeed, the problem could be in local traffic routing or some paranoid firewall software (because general browsers worked ok), but that only proves that your new method of initialization in beta is really needed.

We are rather precautious of using beta releases in some projects, but this is really the case for us to upgrade, as I see now.

Re: QCAR init server down?

February 2, 2012 - 7:25pm #3

We're sorry to hear that your demo didn't go well. The device settings download improves the performance of Vuforia (QCAR) substantially and is a key feature of the SDK. We put a lot of resources and process into calibrating each device in our lab and choosing just the right settings to optimize performance on a per-device (400+ models on Android alone are supported) basis so that it works under all possible environmental conditions. This is the information that is downloaded at startup. You only need an internet connection once to retrieve it, after that the app will run without a connection. Note that, all data that we collect is for the purposes of improving the SDK and is clearly listed in Section 8 of the license agreement.

Based on our experience with the 1.0 SDK, we have further improved the app startup experience in Vuforia 1.5 - the internet connectivity requirements have been relaxed. In the absence of a connection, Vuforia will use default settings that will work "well enough" on most devices. We still highly recommend connecting the device at some point to retrieve the customized settings that will maximize performance of the SDK in subsequent runs of the app. This will happen automatically once you start the app with an internet connection available. We think this is a good compromise to allow the SDK to work in all settings.

We reviewed the logs from the past couple of days and there doesn't appear to be any down time on our servers. Is it possible that you were connecting via Edge or some other slower internet connection? It's possible that the request timed out.

We do apologize for the inconvenience. I highly recommend upgrading to the 1.5 beta, which mitigates these app startup issues significantly. Otherwise, when using 1.0.6 be sure to install your demo app and run it once ahead of time to avoid these issues.

If you are still facing problems, please email us

and we can help you resolve this issue quickly.

- Kim

Re: QCAR init server down?

February 2, 2012 - 12:32am #2

Ok, now it is ok, but server was non-functional for several hours without any notes and statements from Qualcomm.

"Humour" of situation was that yesterday we got a sensetive presentation of our new application, with rather large budget, and all we got was FAIL. We felt like Bill Gates while gazing on bluescreen on his world-wide Windows launch.
But Gates owns the situation on 100%, and here we have a silent third-party who can not guarantee neither servers uptime nor any information regarding what is happening.

So sad.

Actually, we do not believe QCAR libs really need such type of initialization. I think that is only a matter of gathering stats for Qualcomm, but not a critical function.

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