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July 27, 2015 - 2:55pm #1

I am building an tabbed application in xcode , under one off the tabs i want to show the imagetarget example. 

In my appdelegate.h I have import all the viewControllers i needed for instantiation for adding them to my tabBarController. (one off them the imageTargetViewController)

Without my imagaTargetViewcontroller tab the app works fine

The problem is that when i import the imageTargetViewController.h in appdelegate.m because i need it to instantiate the viewController before  adding it to my tabBarController , i get strange errors at compile time .I guess and think that this is because the header files from QCAR  are not loaded or to late loaded when i compile my project. Is there a way to solve this. The problem is easy to reproduce by importing <QCAR/Matrices.h>  in your appdegate.h in the demoapps.

Thanks in advance  :-)




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