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To surf or not to surf

June 10, 2011 - 10:09pm #1

This is basically a complaint about the fact that developing with QCAR requires an internet connection. A lot of the times I am developing I don't have access to the internet due to practical reasons (FL350). Internet is needed for:
-Creating trackables
-Accessing the SDK documentation
-Running the application for "the first time".

Now, creating trackables is not so much of a problem at the moment because I am using the stones and chip versions for development. And I suppose I can open up each online manual page and save it to the harddrive. But what really annoys me is that every time I compile my app and run it, it thinks it runs "for the first time", and needs a connection to the internet to get the camera information. WHY??? why not store this information on the phone so it doesn't need the freakin internet all the time?

Re: To surf or not to surf

June 16, 2011 - 8:41pm #6

Hi Peter,

I am using Unity. I did not change any of the default options, yet it must be uninstalling the app instead of reinstalling it. I can not find where I can add the -r option in Unity. Do you know where that is?

I am using the Unity shadow demo for the scene and the QCAR image target demo blended together (replaced scene). I use an XP machine (1gb). However, I tried it on another laptop, with windows 7 (2gb) and it works fine without internet connection now. It must be that hidden -r option.

Another question. If I start a new project in Unity, does in need an internet connection when I compile and run that project for the first time? Where is that phone settings data stored which is downloaded?

My phone is a Google Nexus S.

Re: To surf or not to surf

June 16, 2011 - 1:17pm #5

Hello elecman,

QCAR should not require a network connection after the initial launch. Compiling, building and reinstalling your app on a device should work fine without a network connection after the initial launch with network connection.

Make sure you are reinstalling your apk using the -r option, ex. "adb install -r .apk". Uninstalling the app before reinstalling the app or selecting the "Clear Data" option will require your app to re-download device settings on launch. Eclipse uses the -r option by default.

Unity should also use this option by default. If it is not, you can use the build option and manually run "adb install -r" to re-install the apk.

What development environment are you using? Can you tell me your scenario so we can look into it? What device are you using?

Thank you,


Re: To surf or not to surf

June 16, 2011 - 10:50am #4

ppreuss, you should really say "Device settings are downloaded the first time the application is launched, and every time the software is compiled and run", right? That downloading business is ok for end users but very annoying for developers with a limited internet connection.

Re: To surf or not to surf

June 16, 2011 - 10:21am #3

Hello Sara,

Device settings are downloaded the first time the application is launched. A network connection is not required on subsequent launches.


Re: To surf or not to surf

June 16, 2011 - 6:12am #2

I have a question related to this subject:

I am trying to develop a application for tourists that do not want to connect up to the internet when in a different country. Is it only the first time that the settings for the telephone is downloaded? Is it possible to add settings files into projects to get arount connecting to the internet?

I thought I read some where that QCAR collected anomonous data and needed a network connection also, is this correct?

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