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Text Recognition + Voice Speaker

May 27, 2014 - 6:46pm #1

Hi master ... I need your help ...

I trying combination TEXT RECOGNITION and  VOICE SPEAKER ...

I was try many method but fail ..

so when the word was detected and appear sound about it ...

this is a link about text recognition


and this code about voice speaker

// Voice Speaker  (c) ZJP
// Windows 32B >> Copy 'Voice_speaker.dll' in windows\system32 folder
// Windows 64B >> Copy 'Voice_speaker.dll' in windows\SysWOW64 folder
// Remember to release "Voice_speaker.dll" with your final project. It will be placed in the same folder as the EXE
// Voice Speaker  (c) ZJP //
using UnityEngine;
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

public class VoiceSpeaker : MonoBehaviour
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="VoiceAvailable")] private static extern int    VoiceAvailable();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="InitVoice")]      private static extern void   InitVoice();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="WaitUntilDone")]  private static extern int    WaitUntilDone(int millisec);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="FreeVoice")]      private static extern void   FreeVoice();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceCount")]  private static extern int    GetVoiceCount();
    // Unity V4.x.x
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceName")]   private static extern IntPtr GetVoiceName(int index);
    //  other Unity version
    // [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceName")]   private static extern string GetVoiceName(int index);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="SetVoice")]       private static extern void   SetVoice(int index);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="Say")]            private static extern void   Say(string ttospeak);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="SayAndWait")]     private static extern void   SayAndWait(string ttospeak);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="SpeakToFile")]    private static extern int    SpeakToFile(string filename, string ttospeak);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceState")]  private static extern int    GetVoiceState();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceVolume")] private static extern int    GetVoiceVolume();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="SetVoiceVolume")] private static extern void   SetVoiceVolume(int volume);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="GetVoiceRate")]   private static extern int    GetVoiceRate();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="SetVoiceRate")]   private static extern void   SetVoiceRate(int rate);
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="PauseVoice")]     private static extern void   PauseVoice();
    [DllImport ("Voice_speaker.dll", EntryPoint="ResumeVoice")]    private static extern void   ResumeVoice();
    public int voice_nb = 0;
    void Start ()
        if( VoiceAvailable()>0 )
            InitVoice(); // init the engine
            if (voice_nb > GetVoiceCount()) voice_nb = 0;
            if (voice_nb < 0) voice_nb = 0;
            // Unity V4.x.x *******************************************
            IntPtr pStr = GetVoiceName(voice_nb);
            string str = Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(pStr);
            Debug.Log ("Voice name : "+str); // Voice Name
            // Unity V4.x.x *******************************************
            //Debug.Log ("Voice name : "+GetVoiceName(voice_nb)); // Voice Name other Unity version
            Debug.Log ("Number of voice : "+GetVoiceCount()); // Number of voice
            SetVoice(voice_nb); // 0 to voiceCount - 1
            Debug.Log ("Voice Rate : "+GetVoiceRate());

            //Debug.Log ("Voice name : "+GetVoiceName(voice_nb));
            string txtBoscha = "This is voice is on";

    void OnDisable()
        if( VoiceAvailable()>0 )

Please help me

Thanks before ...

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