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trying to understand the marker star system

July 9, 2014 - 12:59am #1

I'm trying to create a marker using strict rules and graphical elements i recieved from a client (meaning - i can't just add textured elements as i please)

i can't seem to reach 5 stars no matter what i do... and then i decided to "paint" a red stripe across the marker.

it's actually REDUCING the amount of details on the marker, so how come IT get 5 stars????


something tells me that the 4 stared marker should be a better detection than the 5 star marker.


P.S. i need to also devide the big marker into smaller markers and i can't have that big stripe in the middle because it will destroy the small markers

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trying to understand the marker star system

July 9, 2014 - 9:03pm #2

In your image, it appears that you have a lot of similar shapes and repetitive patterns. When you create the winding streak through the image, it becomes a dominating non-symmetrical feature that shapes the borders of the remaining points and breaks up the otherwise dense uniformity. This seems to be a factor in it receiving a higher augmentable rating. Most of your similar targets containing this pattern are more zoomed in and have 5 stars. For the ones with 4 stars, you may want to experiment with some of the tips on creating images with ideal contrast and features in the following article:


Also at the bottom of that page, there's a section that explains some of the issues with repetitive patterns.

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