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VIdeoplayback Reloading issue

March 10, 2015 - 6:44am #1


Am still using vuforia 3.10.I have an issue when re-loading the vuforia videoplay scene again and again.Unity 4.6.2


Example : i have a main scene , from there am loading vuforiavideoplay scene using loadlevel.It loads fine and the play pause also works fine.Now i have a button inside the vuforiavideoplayback scene which will take me back to the main scene.Again i use LoadLevel("main").When i agan click the button to load the videoplayback scene from main, it loads and the play/pause stops working.The reason ive found is the PLAYVIDEO.cs functions are called twice.If i go to main and come back to videoplayback.Now the function are called thrice.Ive tried to put a Debug.Log("single tap") inside the Single tap function inside the playvideo.cs.First time its came once per tap.On second re-load it came twice for single tap and goes on duplicating.So what happens is when i hit play button initially it tries to play and it stops instantly cause of duplication call.How do i stop that ? i dont know where that duplication happpens.Please help.






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