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"Vuforia Initialization Error" when switching scene in Unity

January 4, 2016 - 10:02pm #1

Hi guys, 

Pretty noob at programming so I apologize in advance if my question sounds silly.

Direct to the point:

1. When i switch from scene "0" (Non-AR menu scene) to scene "1" (AR gameplay Scene) I get the following screen as shown in the attached image.

2. Scene "0" is a VR scene using Google Cardboard (not Vuforia Digital Eyewear) and it works fine for the most part. Scene "1" uses Vuforia Digital Eyewear.

3. In my Unity (version 5.3.1f1) play mode, the scene transitions smoothly and behaves like how i expected it to, so I don't think it's an issue with my code.

Can somebody help me out here? I have tried combing through my codes for logical errors or other reasons why my phone just wont load the AR scene, any help will be much appreciated, thank you very much! :)

P/S: If the following information is helpful:
- my phone is a Xiao Mi 3 running on android version 4.4.4

- Unity version 5.3.1f1

- Used on Google Cardboard native SDK, and Vuforia Core Samples

Image icon Screenshot_2016-01-05-13-51-13.png16.27 KB
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