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How to allow armv7 compilation combining Vuforia + ARFoundation?

Unity Editor
October 1, 2022 - 12:20pm #1

I need to support the widest amount of devices possible even armv7.

For this I am trying to mix Vuforia + ARFoundation, Vuforia for simple Image Target and ARFoundation to use AROrigin+ARSession and to supply ARCore dependencies for Vuforia Ground Plane

3 main features required:

- Vuforia simple Image Tracking without Extended Tracking, this must works on all devices, even armv7

- Vuforia Ground Plane Tracking, this may work only on armv8

- ARFoundation AROrigin/ARSession to place floating AR Objects, this may work only on armv8

The only feature that must work on armv7 is the Image Target because I don't want to lose current app installations on these devices, the problem is that I need to add new features like Ground Plane for some new Scenes and experiences, but when I add the PlaneFinder, Vuforia despite that ARFoundation is present with ARCore Plugin, includes a custom ARCore Library that does not allow compilation for armv7.

As this image shows, after adding ARFoundation, there is no longer an option to decide if the ARCore Library is included or not, because this functionality is overridden buy XRPluginManager, so how can we tell Vuforia that does not include that ARCore library because this dependency is fulfilled by ARFoundation already? and armv7 compilation can be performed?:

The app is going to handle Device compatibility allowing to use scenes that require ARCore compatibility when its present, and filtering only the scenes that doesn't require ARCore to the devices that doesn't support ARCore that are a huge amount of armv7 devices.


- Need to compile both armv7/armv8

- Need to work Vuforia simple Image Tracking on all devides

- Allow to work Ground Plane Scenes only on supported devices.

How can achieve that with Vuforia + ARFoundation combination?


How to allow armv7 compilation combining Vuforia + ARFoundation?

October 4, 2022 - 6:47pm #3

Hi @Patrik, thanks a lot for your answer...

I wonder why using the latest ARFoundation/ARCore without Vuforia it's possible to compile to both ABIs? x86 & x64?, no matter if there is or isn't ARCore support on the target device.

I need to be able to compile to still supporting armv7 devices for Vuforia Image Target scenes, and to support for the new scenes full ARCore compliant devices within the same App.

Why Vuforia still including the ARCore Libraries if ARFoundation overrides this dependency?, despite ARFoundation is present the error is still being produced by Vuforia:

"ARMv7 is not compatible with the ARCore version included when using the "Include ARCore Library" option in the VuforiaConfiguration. To use an older version of ARCore which supports ARMv7, please include ARCore manually in your project instead."

Vuforia removes the checkbox to tell if ARCore is included or not when ARFoundation is present, so there is no way to tell Vuforia that doesn't include this libraries,  this is the reason of the error, if there is a way, somehow, to tell Vuforia that does not include ARCore when ARFoundation is present, the problem will be solved.

Thanks again

How to allow armv7 compilation combining Vuforia + ARFoundation?

October 3, 2022 - 2:57am #2

Hey there,


When using ARCore with Vuforia Engine and ARFoundation you're limited by the new changes by ARCore: https://developers.google.com/ar/64bit

Please check out our documentation: https://library.vuforia.com/platform-support/using-arcore-vuforia-engine#android-build-support-in-unity

You can however using Vuforia Engine without ARCore which would work for tracking images.


Kind regards,

Patrick Scheper

Vuforia Engine Product Manager

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