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Vuforia Engine v10 DLL Issues on Mac

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August 11, 2022 - 6:51am #1

If you're receiving DLL issues while using a Mac for your app development and using Vuforia Engine v10.0 till 10.8 in your project, you might be affected by an unfortunate unforeseen expired certificate in the SDK.

What errors might I receive?

The errors that you might experience are:

  1. Unity pop-up error when opening your project: ""VuforiaEngine.bundle" will damage your computer. You should move it to the Bin."
  2. Unity error when pressing Play: "DllNotFoundException: VuforiaEngine.dll"

What causes these issues?

This issue is caused by an expired certificate in the SDK.

Which versions are affected?

You can experience these issues when using one of the following versions of Vuforia Engine in combination with a Mac device as development platform:

  • Vuforia Engine v10.8.4
  • Vuforia Engine v10.7.2
  • Vuforia Engine v10.6.3
  • Vuforia Engine v10.5.5
  • Vuforia Engine v10.4.4
  • Vuforia Engine v10.3.2
  • Vuforia Engine v10.2.5
  • Vuforia Engine v10.1.4
  • Vuforia Engine v10.0.12

How can I solve this problem?

You can find our workarounds underneath:

  • Upgrade your project from your current Vuforia Engine version to v10.9.3 or newer.

  • Re-sign the expired certificate in your project by using the attached .py patch script.

  • Optional: Re-sign the expired certificate in your .unitypackage by also using the attached .py script.

    • Using the resigned .unitypackage will solve the dll issue for any future projects if you decide to not upgrade to v10.9.3 or newer.

You can also find a video about how to solve this problem here:

How do I use the script?

You can use the python script which allows you to both update the expired certificates in your projects and .unitypackage. The benefit of being able to re-sign the .unitypackage is that you can re-use this with new projects without having to re-sign every time using an older version then v10.9. 

Required: Python (should be already installed on every Mac device)

  • Download and unzip the "" file
  • Locate the com.ptc.vuforia.engine.v10.x.x.tgz in "MyProject/Packages/" and copy its path name
    • Optional: Locate your add-vuforia-package-10-8-4.unitypackage and copy its path name
  • Open your Terminal
  • Change the current working directory to the location of your .py script with the cd command.
  • Call: python <path to Vuforia package *.tgz in a project, or the *.unitypackage>

A backup file will be added to the same directory as your .tgz or .unitypackage file. 

Example: python /Users/patrickscheper/Desktop/MyUnityProject/Packages/com.ptc.vuforia.engine-10.8.4.tgz

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