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3D Models moves when moving around the marker

July 17, 2013 - 5:36am #2

Hi All,

    I am using unity 3d latest with Vuforia 2.5.8.

   I am Facing a problem.

   I kept two models one is below the marker and other is placed side to the marker.

  when i arranged those wrt real objects by placing Marker on top of the real object, after tracking if i move a bit left side or right side the model which is below the marker moves a bit but the other model which is away from the marker is seeing like changed its position with respect to Camera movement.

 Why this is happening ?


  Next Question is

 I want to remove marker after detect the Tracker:

 2) Is it possible to remove the Tracker after once it get tracked. But the 3D content should work like before removing the Tracker?

    I meant to say that after removing the marker the 3d content should be there where the marker use to be there before and move according with Camera.


    Could any one suggest me regarding this.

  Thank you in advance.



3D Models moves when moving around the marker

July 18, 2013 - 1:42am #1

1 - you may need to experiment with World Center Mode, as this determines the scene origin:


Also - you may need to show your problem through pictures - mere text is hard to understand.  Ideally show what happens against what you would like to happen.


2 - it sounds like you want to disable the trackable image?  However currently the augmentation is a child of the trackable, so you would need to reparent this (possibly to World Coordinates i.e. having no parent or possibly to the camera), after you have disabled the trackable.




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