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60fps webcam in playmode

October 11, 2014 - 3:59am #1



I am in testing phase of a Vuforia project in Unity. I am using the playmode testing feature. My camera supports various outputs, amongst them 1920x1080@30fps (max) and 1280x720@60fps, which is what I am aiming to use.


How can I force Vuforia to use the camera in 1280x720@60fps mode? Right now, Vuforia automatically goes for high resolution at low FPS, around 25, which is insufficent FPS for my purpose. So my camera technically supports what I need - 60fps - but Vuforia doesn't make use of it.


Also, is there any way to control camera properties like exposure, white balance or gamma?


I have tried the Camera Device Mode Setting in QCARBehaviour without any success. I've also created a custom entry inside the Webcam Profiles XML without success.


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60fps webcam in playmode

October 16, 2014 - 7:37pm #2

When you mention using the camera at 1280x720, do you mean that you want the Game view window to be that resolution during PlayMode? If so, you can set your custom Unity Game view pixel dimensions using the pull down menu right below the Game view tab.

You can query the values that Vuforia chooses for the camera feed dimensions based on what you've set in the profiles.xml for your WebCam using the following calls:


The Vuforia API doesn't offer any methods to control exposure, white balance, or gamma. You can check the native APIs for Android and iOS for more advanced camera controls.


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