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Abrupt crash after some time

September 17, 2012 - 6:09am #1

My App crashes from time to time and as it seems the 3D models might be too detailed, but I am not able to get any Information out of the logcat.

Mostly it crashes when I track a new Framemarker and this model has to be displayed.

I am testing the app on Android 4 on a Asus Transformer Prime and there is no further purpose than displaying some models on the Framemarkers so far.

Also there is no dialog which states that the app has crashed or something similar, the screen usually freezes and I have to manually kill the app.

I just want to know if anybody has a clue what really causes the crash or if anybody can tell me something about the logcat output. There is no sophisticated code being executed.

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): Trackable FrameMarker0 lost

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_Log(Int32, String, Object)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): DefaultTrackableEventHandler:OnTrackingLost() (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\DefaultTrackableEventHandler.cs:86)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): DefaultTrackableEventHandler:OnTrackableStateChanged(Status, Status) (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\DefaultTrackableEventHandler.cs:53)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): TrackableBehaviour:OnTrackerUpdate(Status) (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\TrackableBehaviour.cs:150)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): MarkerTracker:UpdateTrackablePoses(Camera, TrackableData[], Int32) (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\MarkerTracker.cs:318)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): QCARManager:UpdateTrackers() (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\QCARManager.cs:402)

09-17 14:40:30.140: I/Unity(30209): QCARManager:Update(ScreenOrientation) (at C:\Users\

09-17 14:40:30.400: D/Unity(30209): NativeActivity pause: 0x9cd430

09-17 14:40:30.810: I/Unity(30209): onPause

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): StopQCAR

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_Log(Int32, String, Object)

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object)

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): QCARBehaviour:StopQCAR() (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\QCARBehaviour.cs:399)

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): QCARBehaviour:OnApplicationPause(Boolean) (at C:\Users\valentin.klammer\UnityProjects\AVL-AR\Assets\Qualcomm Augmented Reality\Scripts\QCARBehaviour.cs:307)

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209):  

09-17 14:40:30.840: I/Unity(30209): (Filename: C Line: 0)

09-17 14:40:31.250: D/Unity(30209): onDetachedFromWindow

09-17 14:40:31.360: D/Unity(30209): NativeActivity window focus changed: 0x9cd430 -- 0

09-17 14:40:31.590: D/Unity(30209): NativeActivity save instance state: 0x9cd430

09-17 14:40:31.590: D/Unity(30209): NativeActivity stop: 0x9cd430

Abrupt crash after some time

September 19, 2012 - 2:14pm #2


What are the specs on the model (e.g. polygons and vertices )? Have you tried a simpler version of the same?

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