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Access Image Target at runtime and/or assign it to a GameObject?

January 26, 2017 - 8:59am #1


I have been looking through the documentation and forums to see if there was a way to add new Game Objects containing image targets at run time.

The First: Access the ImageTargetBehaviour component of a GameObject that is currently being tracked by the camera and change what image target is being used by that behaviour. An example being changing the wood chips picture to the stones picture in the Image Target Sample through a script. 

I found this post that seems to create a new game object for each trackable in a data set that is not currently active in a scene which I could work with by assigning different models based on a mapping, however, I am still holding out hope that I could do something like

1) load a dataset into a variable.

2) choose the image target I want to use and leave the others alone

3) if it is available, instantiate it into a new game object that has as a child a prefab I have made

4) have that object currently be active in a scene and usable. 



Thanks for any help in advance! 


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