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Add Unity 5.3 Vuforia 5 scene to existing native iOS 9 (Xcode 7)

March 6, 2016 - 9:22pm #1

I used the following tutorial to successfully integrate Unity into an existing iOS native app: http://www.the-nerd.be/2015/11/13/integrate-unity-5-in-a-native-ios-app-with-xcode-7/. It is working fine for non-AR, but the camera functionality in my Vuforia AR scene is not working (loaded by pressing a button in the native app to "show unity" after the app is up and running). The phone askes me for permission to access the camera the first time - and doesn't ask again. However, I only see the background color of my scene - not the live camera feed image. The Unity project works fine in the editor with the webcam, and the example Vuforia projects work fine on the iOS device I'm using (iPhone 6s).

I've searched quite a while in the forums and online and there seem to be many complaints about similar issues - but I haven't seen specifics that are close enough for me to resolve this from the ideas provided.

Add Unity 5.3 Vuforia 6 scene to existing native iOS 9 (Xcode 8.1)

November 4, 2016 - 1:59pm #5

Hi there, i have a repository on Bitbucket with another way to integrate and the final project to download.


I made for my project and distribute e example project with tutorial.

Glad if it help someone.


Add Unity 5.3 Vuforia 5 scene to existing native iOS 9 (Xcode 7)

September 9, 2016 - 7:29pm #4

Hello MADarine, I think I may have a similar situation as you described in your post.  I started a iOS / Swift project and then after I had a portion of the project completed there was a need to integrate a Unity/Vuforia Augmented Reality build from Unity.  I set the folder structure and build settings up EXACTLY as the exported project did from Unity and then set up a bridging heading to expose either a custom class, the UnityAppController or the VuforiaNativeRendererController to Swift, but every time I try and expose one of these classes that has a reference to UnityAppController I get an error.  You mentioned that you used VuforiaNativeRendererController, how did you bridge this in Swift to load this onto a ViewController.  BTW my ViewController is not the root view, but somewhere in the stack.


Thank you very much.

Add Unity 5.3 Vuforia 5 scene to existing native iOS 9 (Xcode 7)

July 19, 2016 - 10:24am #3

For anyone else that comes across this issue, the reason for me was that I was not using VuforiaNativeRendererController, my app was just using UnityAppController instead.

I was integrating my Unity / Vuforia project into a native swift based project, and I was creating a UnityAppController object explicitly instead of the Vuforia override. You can check if this is your problem by placing a breakpoint in the shouldAttachRenderDelegate function of VuforiaNativeRendererController.mm, if the Unity app starts up and doesn't hit the breakpoint, you've found your problem.

Add Unity 5.3 Vuforia 5 scene to existing native iOS 9 (Xcode 7)

July 13, 2016 - 4:49pm #2

Did you ever manage to get this working?

I've came across the same issue.

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