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ani to start on Canvas when target is detected?

February 19, 2016 - 1:23am #1

I need to have a specific animation (on the GUI/main screen space overlay Canvas) start every time a target is detected. The animation is NOT on the imageTarget. It’s just a panel with text that moves into place and out again when target is lost. Can this be done ? (I have more than one TargetImage’s in the scene)

I now I have to put some coding in the “DefaultTrackableEventHandler” script but I can only add coding that’s starting animation on the ImageTarget. How do I add lines that controls animation on the “main”Canvas/GUI, not in the ImageTarget.

I have tried to add a screen space overlay Canvas to every ImageTarget but it’s not working on other target’s than the “first” one..

Help will be much appreciated.

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