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Animating ImageTarget

October 25, 2011 - 10:56am #1

I've written this in the Unity forums also but it might be relevant here also.

Bit of a complex one to get your head around but I'd like to be able to animate the ImageTarget around a 3D environment and that by moving the camera relative to the printed Image, changes the rotation and zoom.

I can do the opposite and animate the 3D environment around the ImageTarget as such but I can't control the rotation as desired. I need to be able to always rotate the environment around the ImageTarget or (0,0,0) in this case. Rather than the environment pivot which is always moving due to the animation. Think of it as a walking tour around a building in that I'd like the camera to rotate as it moves around the building i.e. the ImageTarget rotates. The extra movement controlled by the user controls whether the camera is always facing forwards or to side or down etc. It's a bit like giving the user a video tour but they can control where the camera is pointing but the tour continues regardless. Does that make sense?

If I animate the ImageTarget around a path, how do I control the normal TrackableEventHandler because the environment can't be under the ImageTarget as it would normally be, as that would cancel out the animation of the camera around the environment. I've tried playing around with the AR camera world center also, managing to make the AR camera attach itself to the ImageTarget but it seems to literally be right on top of the Image and not behind or above it as desired but this may be something to do with Image scale and that needs playing around with.

Any advise would be much appreciated as I'm stuck on this one now.

Re: Animating ImageTarget

October 26, 2011 - 2:50am #3

Great thanks. I thought it must be possible to have models bound to a trackable image without them actually being within the hierarchy group of the tracker image itself. I'll give it go.

Re: Animating ImageTarget

October 25, 2011 - 7:58pm #2

Take a look at this post for advice on matching objects to a trackable without making them children of the trackable:


- Kim

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