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APP Crash??

October 16, 2013 - 9:00pm #1

Hi everyone,

Is me again XD,


Here are good and bad things to share!

For the good one

 I may upload my ar app to store in next weak!  Happy <3


but for the bad one,

 i still get soming wrong in the app...

 (app crash?) when reopen the app in android,

 i mean first time start the app, it almost good at all, and no error, but if i quit the app and start it again

 the app goes to black screen around 0.5 sec and then back to the android menu.

 and the thrid time start app, it start good and no error and all function is good at all.

 but if i quit the app and start again, it toes to black screen around 0.5s and back to menu again ....

 May i ask why is it and any tips to fix also is it call crash?


When the app crash (maybe), i get the log but i cant really understand the error log, sorry for it.

Error Log:
id=1689 Removed QCARPlayerNativeActivitz idx=5 Map Size=8
id=1689 Removed QCARPlayerNativeActivitz idx=-1 Map Size=8
Process app.processName (pid 21412) has died.
Force removing r: app died, no saved state
Error finding setting, default accessibility to not found: accessibility_enabled
In unity AR Scene,
I have attached a script to ARCamera, 
inside the Update method i just have:

     Application.Quit(); // Quit app

is there any setting or script problem?
Hope You Get What I Mean, 
and Hope For Reply!
Thx!! <3
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