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Can't the device settings be global?

August 13, 2011 - 7:16am #1

Currently, the device settings are per-application, which makes absolutely no sense because every QCAR application running on the same device runs, by fact, on the same device (with the same settings...).

Are there any plans to change this behaviour in the future? I know Qualcomm has a patent on retrieving device-specific configurations over the air, so you guys of course want to use it :), and you get your usage statistics this way. But it is really annoying for developers as well as for end users to download the same settings for every new QCAR application.

As I've seen, the device settings seem to be only a few dozen KB of data. So wouldn't it be possible to package all current device settings together and deploy them with an application? Ah, of course, the usage statistics would be gone...

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