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Device Tracking & AR

March 11, 2016 - 3:10am #1


So the new update looks great with rotational head tracking built it. It seems real smooth and the drift correction seems to be handled pretty well, very impressed.

I have some quetsions regarding the device tracking however:

  1. Is this just for VR experiences? For example is the device tracking something we could use if we lost/removed a trigger from view, so the content still stays in its correct posiiton. Of course positional movement is not handled, just rotation.
  2. Is there any way the device tracking can be updated to support the compass heading as well? If you could add in support for the compass heading as well, then you could create GPS based AR/VR experiences as well. That would be superb.



Device Tracking & AR

February 21, 2017 - 10:02am #2

I second the request for compass heading! It isn't clear to me if the rotational device tracker is using the compass already, I'm guessing it is to avoid drift? We'd love to get an absolute orientation that can be used for location-based AR.

As Adam mentioned, it isn't clear that you can use the rotational device tracker alongside the image tracker for AR experiences. I'm guessing it works, and I'll be trying it soon. But if anyone has experience with this it'd be great to hear it.

Edit: Also, why is pose prediction only used in VR mode? If we're using this for location-based AR it seems that pose prediction would be useful there as well.

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