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Improvement Suggestion: Allow Single Vuforia Root folder in Assets

February 5, 2015 - 4:45am #1

Currently, importing the Vuforia package for Unity means that next folders are being created in the Assets Root:

QualComm Augmented Reality

In other words, the project root is spammed with a plethora of folders, and some of them
even have names that may be common to other projects.

I've tried to move all of them inside a common Root folder called "Vuforia",
but it turns out that some paths are hardcoded - so things won't work anymore.

My opinion is - and I think 99% of my fellow programmers will agree with me:
If you provide a Unity package with folders that cannot be reorganized, then at least make
sure that these folder share a single common root. 

I hope that for future releases of Vuforia for unity this big step forward (with should take only
little effort from Vuforia) will be considered.

Improvement Suggestion: Allow Single Vuforia Root folder in Assets

June 14, 2017 - 3:04am #2

now two years later i have a similar problem...

yes there is a single Vuforia folder in the root, and that is a realy good step, but in my company they use a specific folder structure for all the projects, and all the third party packages are in a special folder... but if i drag the vuforia folder in any other folder then the root, vuforia doesn't find at least some materials any more.

so there are still hard coded paths to some assets?!

is it possible that you change that in a upcoming new version of vuforia?


that would be awesome!!

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