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Is it possible Lock the trackable poses?

March 25, 2014 - 11:06am #1


I am dividing a huge image in several images and creating image targets (and multi targets) with these.

I set the position of these image targets in unity so this way initially the position of each image target respect the others is the correct initially, like a puzzle.

Then I set the "World Center Mode" variable to firsTarget or to specific image target,
and the "MaxSimultaneusImageTarget" to more than 1, 10 for example.

The problem:
When vuforia found the firstTarget the position of this do not change (this set the world center position/rotation) but when detect the second and others targets or multi-targets, the position of these targets is updated by Vuforia calculation.
But the original position I set was much more accurate than this calculated position.
In the previous version of Vuforia we had access to the method that make that : public void UpdateTrackablePoses(Camera arCamera, QCARManagerImpl.TrackableResultData[] trackableResultDataArray, int originTrackableID, int frameIndex)
but now all the code is hidden. Now all I can do it is correct the target position by hardcoding in update or late update methods (but i am not sure that this works).

Also I can use mutli-targets to make this behaviour (and I am using them) but like the limit for data set is 100 targets i need severals dataset and activate dynamically some of them depending on the camera position, so I need several multi-targets and the problem is the same, the second multi-target detected is moved from the position I gave it originally to other calculated by vuforia.  (The same with the rotation)
Any idea?

Thank you,

pd: Alessandro, thank you for your response to my others yesterday questions.


Is it possible Lock the trackable poses?

March 26, 2014 - 3:35am #3

Yes, I worked with UCS in other project and it works for that project but was complicated, but if I had known then about the custom multitarget it would have been so much easier.


UCS is done to works with a lot of more features (strings, point cloud, geometry, lines, special effects) than I do not need and it is complicated to separate only the part I need.

Also i do not think that UCS solve the 100 image target limit per multi-target.

I think custom multi-target can resolve my problem very well but i need several multi-target in different data sets with less than 100 image targets in each, and then I want to lock the multitarget dataSet positions/rotations.

I could do this with the previous version of vuforia, and UCS is doing it with the new version so if you know a way i thank you a lot, if not maybe I will have to study the UCS code :( .


Thank you very much,


Is it possible Lock the trackable poses?

March 25, 2014 - 1:45pm #2

Have you checked the Unified Coordinate System project by elecman:


It sounds very similar to what you are doing here.


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