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key frame texture not showing first time scan

May 27, 2015 - 4:51am #1

I've integrated vuforia cloud and video playback. When i scan the marker first the key frame texture, icon play is not showing but move the mobile device and point the marker then it showing. Why it's not showing first time but it worked well in vuforia 3 version but it's not working in vuforia 4 version.

newImageTarget_videoType = Instantiate (ImageTargetTemplate_video.gameObject) as GameObject;
ObjectTracker tracker_typeVideo = TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<ObjectTracker>();
ImageTargetBehaviour imageTargetBehaviour_typeViddeo = (ImageTargetBehaviour)tracker_typeVideo.TargetFinder.EnableTracking 
(targetSearchResult, newImageTarget_videoType);
void loadVideo(ImageTargetBehaviour itbVideo ){
if (videoGUI) {
videoScript = newImageTarget_videoType.GetComponentInChildren<VideoPlaybackBehaviour> ();
videoScript.m_path = videoString;
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