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Landscape rotation has an offset depending on which side

September 7, 2016 - 10:17am #2

Hi guys,

I have this issue regarding the 3d model fixed to the camera. I posted about it in the Unity forum, but wanted to see if someone here had this problem and could solve it already?



Landscape rotation has an offset depending on which side

September 9, 2016 - 8:50am #1

Hi vuforia devs,

I really need your help fast. The reported problem is a vuforia issue and I could get closer to the cause of the problem. But I'm not able to solve it. I guess it's easy for you and I hope you can reply fast. Thanks!

Have a look at the "vuforia_portrait" and "vuforia_portrait_upside_down" image. You can see that the gray images with text are not centered if the device rotation is changed. In "normal" Unity they are centered, see image "unity_portrait" and "unity_portrait_upside_down". So I was searching for an offset in the ARCamera and Camera transform but couldn't find a solution. Then I started to deactivate some scripts and that's where I saw that the DigitalEyewearBehaviour is causing the offset. The offset makes sense now, because it's used for stereo view...

Check out image "vuforia_without_DigitalEyewearBehaviour", where the gray areas are centered. Unfortunatly I don't have an image anymore...

Looking further into the code I found this and I guess it's causing the offset of the camera:

public abstract class DigitalEyewearAbstractBehaviour : MonoBehaviour, IVideoBackgroundEventHandler
// Static Fields
public const float DEFAULT_CAMERA_OFFSET = 0,06;

How can I solve this issue?

Thanks a lot!

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