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Load AR Assets at Runtime

August 25, 2011 - 11:45am #1

Hi -

I am looking to have clients load text / image assets to a web server from a web front end. I then need those assets dynamically loaded at runtime into an Iphone and Android mobile device app built using Unity with the QCAR extension. In other words, the assets that I need dynamically loaded into the apps at runtime will be the augmented reality assets that will appear over the trackable in the camera view.

I don't know if the AssetBundle or Resource Folder is the way to go because the assets are constantly changing on the server from the web front end.

Many thanks.

Load AR Assets at Runtime

October 4, 2012 - 10:03am #4

Take a look at Unity's WWW class - http://docs.unity3d.com/Documentation/ScriptReference/WWW.html

You can load images and text w/o needing to package these as AssetBundles.

Load AR Assets at Runtime

October 3, 2012 - 2:37am #3


At present you can dynamically load datasets and assets on to devices no problem, but these must first be prepared with the TMS.

Vuforia Web Services will enable this scenario, and currently this is in limited beta and will be available this fall.


Load AR Assets at Runtime

October 2, 2012 - 2:39pm #2


heavy, did you manage to get a solution to your problem? I need to do the same thing for a client and I'd like to know how you solved it.


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