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One project for builds for different targets

August 15, 2015 - 2:47am #1

I am working on AR application that will be compiled for both variants - for mobile devices and for digital eyewears. Is there some way that permits use the same project to build mobile and eyewear versions?

Now I see the only way:
1) Create the project for single purpose (i.e. mobiles).
2) When mobile version will be tested, fully implemented and finished, I create the new project in which I'll copy-paste all elements from mobile project but mobile Vuforia library.
3) Add digital eyewear Vuforia library.

The headache of such approach is the following. When I made changes in one project version I need to copy all these changes into another version. There is no problem if the scripts only are changed. But if the new changes affects on objects in editor scene - it will be too easy make bugs forgeting to copy something.

Is there the simple way to make the single project for both mobile and eyewear versions, and build it for desired target by switching some semafors, i.e.

builds for mobile devices,

builds for Moverio?

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