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Reproducing the Books cloud reco sample app via Unity

July 28, 2014 - 5:45am #1

Hello Every one,

I'm kinda new to vuforia and I've pretty much lost a lot of my hair trying to put together a version of the book sample app using unity, I have downloaded the sample unity package & assets, uploaded the required pictures to my cloud database, setup the meta data file and put in my own keys client keys in the unity project... what do I do next?

There just too many half-and-half post that its getting confusing...


Thank you.

Reproducing the Books cloud reco sample app via Unity

August 12, 2014 - 6:57am #2

ok, I was successful with retrieving metadata at runtime and displaying it in a GUI within the camera view based on the recommended starter cloud reco guide, however I have so far been unable to reproduce the Books sample app with Unity given there is no documentation for this here.
The steps I took are as follows;

  1. Created new unity project and imported the vuforia books sample project
  2. Deleted the main camera, added the AR camera and the CloudReco prefabs to the scene hierarchy
  3. Added my client access key accordingly
  4. Added the "CloudRecoEventHandler" script to the Cloudreco prefab inspector
  5. Added an ImageTarget prefab below the cloudreco prefab in the scene hierarchy
  6. Changed the "type" property of the ImageTarget prefab from "predefined" to   "cloud reco"
  7. Added the "BookInformation" prefab as a child of the Imagetarget..
  8. Saved the scene and built the Android app accordingly.


When i tested the app in an Android phone, it apparently scanned the image target and displayed the "Requesting" message but no augmentation was returned from my correct cloud target database (yes, i correctly setup the txt metadata file with the JSON file name )..... what I'm I missing please? Is it possible that works only with a PRO version of unity?
Once I succeed with this, I wish to be able to retrieve and display either a cover picture or a video along with the standard text information and link, how best do I proceed please?

Looking forward to a reply. Thanks

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